“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

― Jorge Luis Borges


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Stalking Geraldine

Ray Wood


MW Books, December 2016

446 Pages, Illustrated Trade Paperback, 6"x9"

ISBN: 978-0-9952778-0-9



A valuable Land Rover disappears - and with it, Sarah Oakes - the enigmatic woman behind the wheel. Freelance journalist Giles Jackson is given the assignment of a lifetime: find the 42-year old Land Rover named Geraldine and purchase the vehicle in time for an exhibit at the Detroit Motor Show.

Tracking down Geraldine proves difficult. After seeking out and speaking with Sarah’s friends and former colleagues in England, Giles pieces together tantalizing facts not only about the Land Rover, but also the adventurous woman doing the driving. The more he learns, the more he wants to know about Sarah’s motivation, her destination, her current whereabouts, and why he’s not the only one trying to find her. He follows Sarah’s route down Africa, mindful of his mission, but increasingly intrigued by this mysterious woman, the reasons why she has chosen to disappear and why she may be at risk.

Geraldine changes hands but a condition of the purchase is that Giles throw in an elephant...




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